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PCB Wall Mosaic Finished

Ok, it really is done this time. I added more PC MOBO’s and the boards from a huge pile of vending machine coin mech’s and bill validator’s to the little wall, then added some accent lighting for good measure. Any additional junk electronics will be used to trim things out or put on a shelf […]

Half Baked Studio Update

I’ve managed to find a bit of time to spend on the music/studio projects. The whole server move/WordPress upgrade and associated graphics work set things back a few measures. It was however a worthwhile project, WP Ver.3.4.2 is great, the new server ( is top of the line and the websites are on the […]

Site News 10-19-12


Illusion or Reality has been moved to a different server and unfortunately the database was lost in the process. I’ll be starting from scratch so be patient, this will take awhile to do. Sorry for the inconvenience and stop by once in awhile to check on my progress.

I was using WordPress V. […]