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Twisted Sticks

This was somewhat of a hobby for 5-6 years and should explain why I sometimes use the screen name Twisted Stickster. Some of the sticks in the collection are obviously to big to use as walking sticks, but pretty cool all the same. Nature made them, I just skinned the bark off so that the natural sculpturing can be seen.

The twisted sticks are formed by vines as they’re growing and it’s not always obvious at first glance. In this part of the world they’re usually  found in sassafras groves were honey suckle has flourished also. You do find the effect on the hardwoods at times, but it’s usually the softer/faster growing trees you’ll see it on. One point of interest is that the vines always grow up around the tree twisting to the left as they grow. I would assume that’s due to the Coriolis effect, I assume they twist in the other direction south of the equator.

The rack they’re stacked around was actually a complete small white oak tree I skinned, branches and all. It’s lag bolted down to an old field disc blade.

The middle one in the first picture is hickory with a silver band and leather capping it. Click on the thumb nails for 800×1067.

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